Achieving the Impossible

When individuals choose to undertake seemingly impossible goals, their journey often creates innovations whose benefits ripple into society. Often, these breakthroughs improve quality of life for many and create new industries. Consider how computers were first invented – we needed them to win the space race. Now, computers are integral to nearly everything we use [...]

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You Have a GO for Business Success

One of the often-heard terms used by NASA over the last five decades has been “you have a GO for…” You have a GO for launch. You have a Go for staging. You have a GO for landing. It has become part of our lexicon and is dramatized in movies such as Apollo 13. Behind [...]

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Compromise or Collaborate?

Nearly every day a news commentator or political candidate is demanding that the opposing sides work together to compromise and remove governmental gridlock. What does compromise really mean? A dictionary defines the word as “a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal [...]

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Is Fairness Unfair?

As a business facilitator, I diligently work toward understanding and more effectively communicating with the post-boomer generations. I have also lived the painful transition from racial discrimination and gender bias to, what I believe, is a society where there is truly opportunity for any citizen to reach their greatest potential. When “leveling the playing field” [...]

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What is an Entrepreneur?

  In the 19th Century, an entrepreneur was a person who started a blacksmith shop. He made tools for farmers and horseshoes for their livestock. He provided a living for his family. The farmers were entrepreneurs who raised crops and animals to feed the community. They also provided jobs for farm hands, who wanted to [...]

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Learning Moments From 9-11

The first week of September, 2001, I was conducting a workshop for the “big five” accounting firms in World Trade Center 2. As a co-founder of FSIX (The Financial Services Information Exchange), I was leading a brainstorming session on how banks and stock transfer companies could implement proactive quality management auditing. Based on the International [...]

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