Forensic Business Pathology Defined

Forensic – The application of scientific investigative methods and techniques

Business Pathology – Identifying and removing foreseeable risk from within an organization

The Premise of FBP

  • ISO 9001 certifications and Six Sigma have been in steady decline
  • Business leaders are not experiencing the return on investment for these mostly overhead functions
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the threat to quality professionals being displaced
  • Apollo Business Solutions, Exemplar Global, Quality Digest and the Kaizen Institute are collaborating to launch a new training and certification program to build on the expertise of quality professionals and make them champions of business success and risk avoidance

The Paradigm Shift

  • All business activities must be viewed through the lens of foreseeable risk
  • Each process has a finite and predictable number of potential variables that must be defined and assessed for foreseeable risk
  • Humans have the capacity to create, hide and exacerbate potential defects and that culture must be recast
  • Familiarity prevents us from seeing all possible risks within our products and services. We must build new risk awareness
  • It is possible to avoid risk rather than mitigate it
  • Traditional quality management tools are designed to minimize nonconformities, not to eliminate them. Our goal must be that no defect ever reaches a customer.

The Functions of a Forensic Business Pathologist®

  • Educate management and quality professionals in FBP
    • Risk avoidance, foreseeable risk, defects never reach a customer, and business excellence
  • Perform a top-down forensic workup of an organization
    • Use the infrastructure of ISO 9001:2015 as the outline for the assessment
    • Add to each clause tests for foreseeable risk
    • Add to each clause tests for potential business excellence
  • Prepare an expert report on issues found
    • Overt symptoms
    • Unseen risk issues
    • Root-cause-analysis
    • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Present your findings
    • Should be and is
    • Pareto issues assessment
    • Potential liabilities
    • Opportunities for excellence
  • Present an Implementation Plan
    • Recast the QMS to a business management system
    • Replace the Quality Policy with the principal’s vision, mission, and values
    • Add risk avoidance and business excellence to the operational procedures and roles & responsibilities
    • Recast metrics tied to the business KPI’s
  • Implement the Plan
    • Create a Forensics Task Force
    • Inculcate FBP into their culture
    • Change PDCA to the FBP Model
  • Create a culture, not management system