Why Hire Tom?

Business leaders are on a continual quest for solutions to growing their organizations and solving their daily problems. They seldom find the answers in business books, seminars or consultants because most approaches are generic and they are not a fit to your particular environment.

There is a source for facilitating effective business process excellence that has a track record of providing the appropriate solutions, at the right moment, to fit your exact needs. Tom Taormina stands apart from advisors who sell canned solutions that they attempt to fit your unique world.

He is a visionary who was part of the team that got men to the moon in seven years. He has documented their “model” and has practiced its success in helping organizations reach their own impossible missions. He was also part of the Apollo 13 disaster recovery team. The methods of fixing a disabled spacecraft 200,000 miles from earth are now available to fix your most complex problems.

Tom listens to your stated and implied needs and creates a mission plan that is yours alone. That ability is based on his experience working with more than 700 companies. The result of his foundational work in Project Apollo, plus his extensive practical experience is documented in his 12 books.

Aside from consulting with businesses from startups to Dell Computer, he is also an expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence. The individual solutions or customized roadmap he will provide to you includes not only the best business process improvement tools available, but every assignment looks at your exposure to liability and warranty disasters and creates a barrier to that will keep you out of court and create a customer base of enthusiastic referrals.

Finally, Tom provides each client with a success warranty based on agreed-upon improvements in key business metrics. In 25 years, he has never had to implement that warranty. For assessment, diagnostics, training and business process improvement, Tom Taormina is your only choice for a strategic success partner and advocate whose sole mission is your sustainable success.

Think outside the globe!