Our new administration has promised to make America great again. Why? What happened to our leadership position in technology and manufacturing? How did we become enmeshed in a horrific trade deficit? How did we run up our collective credit cards to the point that the National debt is nearly unrecoverable? Why are China and India capitalizing on our decline in leadership and working to turn us into a third world nation?

In the 1960’s America made up its collective mind to send men to the moon and return them home safely. We did it in 7 years.

Thousands of individuals working for scores of companies and governmental agencies came together united by one vision. Winning the space race. Since the end of Project Apollo, our space program has been run by bureaucrats who do not understand the concept of pioneering vision being the motivation for solving impossible problems. Nor do they understand return on investment.

Over the last three decades our historical manufacturing leadership has been shadowed by corporate greed and meeting price points.  We have systematically abdicated our leadership role in advanced manufacturing and breakthrough innovation to Asia.

Now is the time for a renaissance in American manufacturing. The “how” is to replicate the business model we created by winning the space race.

We must start by disproving three common myths. First is that American companies cannot compete in manufacturing products because of high labor costs. Second is that overseas manufacturing is the key to meeting price points in retail sales. Third is the conviction that we cannot manufacture products that are free from defects and liability.

None of these three issues is more daunting than landing men on the moon. We just need the vision to make it happen, the common mission to return America to the leader in manufacturing, and implementing the tools we serendipitously invented in the 1960’s.

Do you have the right stuff to pioneer and prosper from making America great again?