tom-taormina-win-keynoteFor more than thirty years, Tom Taormina has presented to audiences around the Country on a wide variety of topics. His specialty is NOT being a motivational speaker. Whether in a technical session, keynote or dinner presentation, he utilizes a dialogic and interactive format to engage audiences finding teachable moments and anecdotes that will enhance their personal and business lives.

Sample of Presentation Topics

 Houston, We Have a Problem – As a member of the team at Mission Control in Houston, Tom provides the back story to the Apollo 13 disaster and recovery, along with how utilize the lessons we learned to solve impossible problems in your world.

The Kairos Moment – Biblical scholars coined the term The Kairos Moment as an instant of great clarity and profound knowledge to be mined from a significant event in history. Tom has trademarked The Kairos Moment® as lessons that are derived from significant events in science and business, and how to turn them into moments of clarity for solving your most challenging problems.

Foreseeable Risk – For years, business leaders have been searching for methods to minimize risk in their organizations. The need is both internal and to prevent defective products and services from reaching the customer. Tom’s unique approach is risk AVOIDANCE, demonstrating how eliminate shipping any defective products while creating outstanding customer service and profitability.

The Apollo Business Model – Tom Taormina has spent most of his career documenting and validating the “business model” used to land men on the moon and return them home safely. In his work with more than 700 companies, he has codified the nine success tenets that can be applied by any organization for achieving their most astronomical goals.